Augusta GA Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a legal procedure for dealing with the debt problems of individuals and businesses and discharges financial obligations.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that may help you if you have more debts than you can pay. The bankruptcy law is meant to come to the rescue of an honest debtor, who is in debt which has crossed his present limits of repaying.

Filing for bankruptcy gives her a fresh start. To begin the bankruptcy process, you file legal papers called a petition with the Bankruptcy Court. You must list all your debts and property on the petition. After you file for bankruptcy, your creditors cannot try to collect from you directly, but they must take any claims they have against you to the Bankruptcy Court.

It prohibits your creditors from debt collection actions without the court’s approval. A bankruptcy discharge will releases you from personal liability for discharged debts and prevents the creditors owed those debts from taking any action against you or your property to collect the debts.

Some debts such as taxes; spousal and child support; debts arising out of willful misconduct and or malicious misconduct by the debtor; liability for injury or death from driving while intoxicated; non-dischargeable debts from a prior bankruptcy; student loans; criminal fines and penalties and forfeitures are not discharged by bankruptcy.

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